New Official Music Video -- Robosapien

Fellow Humanoid,

We offer up to you the official music video for Robosapien, track 4 off of the album. It is a song about the morphing of humans into machines for what may be the next rung in the evolutionary ladder.

In a sense, we humans are already a kind of living, breathing machine. Modern technology has already shown through algorithms just how predictable our behavior can be. Further, the potential for AI to eventually surpass our intelligence is a very real possibility. To keep up with the Darwinian Joneses, Ray Kurtzweil posits that we may have to mechanically hybridize our bodies and minds. To me this is a nightmarish proposition but in spite of this I doubt machines alone will ever have a soul. So, yeah, it's kind of a dark song, but as artists we feel a certain duty to ring warning bells and look at these things head on.

On the other hand and on a lighter note, we had a ton of fun making this video! It features animation and clips drawn by Tarik and video of us performing the song, which Moorea edited all together with passion. So we make lemonade.

- Moe + Tar

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