The Heart Behind Raze The Maze

Raze the Maze is an ethos which we strive to live by and to embody in our music and art.

The name, Raze The Maze expresses two different metaphors.

The first uses “raze” the way it’s written, as destruction of the maze. In this sense, to raze the maze is to tear down the maze of harmful mental constructs, cold corporate cultures, abusive power structures, the complex mental mind-field of perceived separateness, and other arcane institutions. While destruction is not generally our focus, we strive to raze the maze in order to make room for something new, more connected and heart-full to grow in its place.

In the second interpretation of our name, we replace the meaning of “raze” with “raise”. In this sense, we are talking about lifting up the maze of the ultimate spiritual connectivity, higher consciousness, empathy and compassion -- the maze now representing the great unknown that connects us all.

Ultimately we see our mission with music as one of many transformations. Music is a universal language and as such, has the power to take us beyond cultural and economic boundaries, bringing together people from all walks of life. We strive to expand and positively impact people's emotions and consciousness through pushing our limits with popular music.

Music can put people in touch with presence. In this day and age we need inspiration and hope more than ever, so our Creativity is perhaps more important than ever. We realize that we will never end hate with hate and that all wars are simply un-winnable. With this in mind, the Arts feel like a calling, because with this amazingly powerful medium we can help to heal the world and add something of value for future generations.

The arts may not be essential for ultimate survival, but they are a big part of what makes life worth living -- softening our hearts and making us more open and emotionally connected people.

So Raise your Glass, Raise your Gaze, and Raze the Maze for what may well be our finest hour.


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