New Music Video: Soil

We present to you the new music video for track one on the album, Soil.

The video is a single shot of Tarik drawing + painting a piece inspired by the lyrics of Soil.

The imagery is of a skull, half above the soil and half below. The part of the skull above the soil looks like we expect a skull to look. The half below the soils surface is complex, full of color, crystals, roots, and a deep heart out of which grows new life. Toward the end of the rendering, the sun appears and shines light on our skull while the song culminates in its triumphant ending with lyrics like, "Never fade away. You are the phoenix rising up the sun that meets the day. Today we are, we are the cups that over-pour the blood returns to soil".

The actual rendering took about 12 minutes while the song clocks in around 3 minutes, so the video is in fast-motion. It was shot at our kitchen table with the iPhone set on a stand directly above Tarik as he drew and painted. The concept for the finished art was conceptualized the night before so Tarik was able to execute the art and video in one try.

Lyrics are included in the video for your comprehension pleasure. The video was shot and edited by Moorea.

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Raze The Maze.

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