Full Band Livestream Concert

Ooooooo we're excited to share that Raze The Maze is performing a full band live concert online on Saturday Oct. 17 at 5pm. This is our first concert since the pandemic started and you are officially invited! The show is sponsored by Music InPlace 501(c)3 and they're hosting the livestream show on their YouTube and Facebook pages. You can link to either place from their website https://www.musicinplace.org/raze-the-maze.html and here are direct links to each option: * RECOMMENDED: YouTube Livestream on the MusicInPlace page: https://youtu.be/sLHtDaRohTw * Facebook Livestream on the musicinplace501c3 page:  https://fb.me/e/cGKBtFiPt We'll be playing a 45 minute set of our original music in a

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