New Official Music Video -- Robosapien

Fellow Humanoid, We offer up to you the official music video for Robosapien, track 4 off of the album. It is a song about the morphing of humans into machines for what may be the next rung in the evolutionary ladder. In a sense, we humans are already a kind of living, breathing machine. Modern technology has already shown through algorithms just how predictable our behavior can be. Further, the potential for AI to eventually surpass our intelligence is a very real possibility. To keep up with the Darwinian Joneses, Ray Kurtzweil posits that we may have to mechanically hybridize our bodies and minds. To me this is a nightmarish proposition but in spite of this I doubt machines alone will ever

The Heart Behind Raze The Maze

Raze the Maze is an ethos which we strive to live by and to embody in our music and art. The name, Raze The Maze expresses two different metaphors. The first uses “raze” the way it’s written, as destruction of the maze. In this sense, to raze the maze is to tear down the maze of harmful mental constructs, cold corporate cultures, abusive power structures, the complex mental mind-field of perceived separateness, and other arcane institutions. While destruction is not generally our focus, we strive to raze the maze in order to make room for something new, more connected and heart-full to grow in its place. In the second interpretation of our name, we replace the meaning of “raze” with “raise”.

2 New Art Pieces

Meet "Had A Nice Fall" and "Candyland" -- 2 new pieces of art by Tarik Ragab, now available in the Raze The Maze shop. Each is acrylic paint on canvas and has been painted between 2018 and 2019, just finished in July 2019. There are also 7 older pieces on sale, priced to move quickly in order to make room for all of the new artwork that is coming soon. These pieces are instant vibe-creators for your music studio, game room or human cave, and make a great feature in any home geared towards the surreal & creative, They'd also make for a great Halloween or birthday gift for the folx in your life who appreciate low-brow and pop-art.

New Music Video: Soil

We present to you the new music video for track one on the album, Soil. The video is a single shot of Tarik drawing + painting a piece inspired by the lyrics of Soil. The imagery is of a skull, half above the soil and half below. The part of the skull above the soil looks like we expect a skull to look. The half below the soils surface is complex, full of color, crystals, roots, and a deep heart out of which grows new life. Toward the end of the rendering, the sun appears and shines light on our skull while the song culminates in its triumphant ending with lyrics like, "Never fade away. You are the phoenix rising up the sun that meets the day. Today we are, we are the cups that over-pour the

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