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 Raze the Maze is the new band from singer Moorea Dickason +

bass player / composer Tarik Ragab

(co-founders of the progressive rock band, MoeTar). 


Raze The Maze picks up on the evolutionary path where MoeTar left off,
creating whirlwind complex music with a beat, catchy hooks and heady lyrics. 

Moorea + Tarik have pulled together some of the finest musicians in the Bay Area to fill out their live sound with Colin Hogan (keys), Brian Sheu (Guitar), Terry Branam (drums), David Flores (drums), and Paul Hanson (bassoon).  


The debut self-titled album released on July 1, 2019.
the first performance will December 19 at Ivy Room in Albany. CA. TICKETS


This new band and creative project from Moorea + Tarik seeks to raze the maze of fear-based corporate driven American culture and to raise up creativity, connection and expression in it's place. 

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